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Time for the IGCSE

In this stage, the student should start to consider their options for the future with regards to careers and university, whether Spanish or English.
With regards to the English curriculum, this stage is vital for the students as they must take great care in their preparation in order to successfully pass their exams for validation with the highest grade possible for the secondary education exams of the British system, the prestigious IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), capacity tests which are completed by the majority of students in British schools established in Spain. These exams are held at our school, and are strictly programmed and coordinated by the University of Cambridge (UK).
With regards to the Spanish curriculum, the school offers students a rigorous and adequate preparation for the careers that they choose from the Spanish university access exams.  Also at this stage, in order to accredit the acquired learning of German and Mandarin Chinese, the students will sit exams to obtain official certificates for their level of competence, which will be obtained from the Goethe and Confucius institutes.


Talks and school visits

An important aspect is the quantity of conferences with university professors, professionals from the areas of medicine, law, economics, industry, business, elite athletes, etc. that we tend to invite with the objective of hearing their personal and direct approach with our students about their professional experiences in the world that they work in.  Themed conferences, field projects and educational trips are carried out during the year in all of the education centers of the School with the objective of strengthening what has been learned in class with the irreplaceable element of personal experience in situ.

An addition to the education received in the classroom are the numerous trips and excursions that take place all around the school year. All of the trips have the objective of strengthening concepts that are previously explained in the classroom with direct experiences. The trips include, among others, trips to official organizations, industries, art museums, exhibitions, natural science and anthropology museums, science and technology museums, botanical gardens, technical and scientific research institutes, audiovisual communication media, etc.

Agreement with the Philharmonic Society of Las Palmas

The Philharmonic Society of Las Palmas and Colegio Hispano Inglés currently have a mutual collaboration agreement for the promotion and education of classical music, through which our students from Secondary Education and Final Cycle can regularly attend certain concerts and cultural acts that are organized each season by the Philharmonic Society of Las Palmas as an extracurricular activity. The parents of students that attend the concerts with their children during the season can also acquire free tickets prior notice to our school secretary.