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Extension of the family home

Beagle House Baby School is a specialized center for attention and care for babies from 8 months of age, which achieves the wellbeing of the children through thorough attention to the hygiene and nutritional care required at this age. Beagle is a cozy, central and calm place all at once, with a sunny garden full of trees. It is a center that is exclusively adapted for babies from 8 to 18 months, with different spaces and areas to learn to share, play, laugh, eat and rest. 

Our teaching methodology at this ages follows an advanced program for early stimulation in order to strengthen the motor and cognitive development of the children. The learning of the languages starts in this early age through the interaction play and assemblies, always in a very low student teachers ratio.

The child must perceive their first school as an extension of their home, it must be a warm and comfortable place. It will be the stage for daily meetings with other children, with their carers and with their teachers. A place where they wish to go each morning because they feel taken care of and happy. 

We have a reduced number of places open to babies from 8 months, so it is advisable to ask for information and make a reservation with sufficient notice.