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The best decision

Research has shown that knowledge of more than one language increases cognitive skills in children, providing them with greater mental flexibility and allowing them to use these skills to understand mathematical or linguistic concepts and problems.

At Darwin House the boys and girls are constantly spoken to in English, they listen to their teachers over and over, at the welcome, in the greetings, in the morning assemblies, in class, in the garden games. They quickly adapt to the new language, they absorb it like sponges.

At early ages it is essential to speak a lot with the child, until they understand the language and their teachers, before beginning with the processes of reading and writing.


Early years

All of our students are admitted to the school, either to Beagle or Darwin, between the ages of 1 and 3, which allows us to stand out from other schools as we work and make progress in languages with the same group of children from a very young age, and avoid other students joining the group in later years that did not start with us, and therefore could hold back or delay the progress of the groups.

When they reach the end of their school years and are faced with university, the students become fully and immediately aware of the excellent decision that their parents made by allowing them to learn languages as small children. What for some people is an unsurpassable barrier (languages), for them are tools that launch their careers.