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Excellent international projection

In this stage, the student continues with the alternative study of the official content of both curricula, the English system in accordance with the directives of National Curriculum (UK) and the Spanish system in accordance with the laws LOE-LOMCE, transversally coordinated and with an increase in learning of German and Mandarin Chinese.

When the students complete this stage at 11 years of age, as well as Spanish and English, they also fluently speak German and Mandarin Chinese, which is an unprecedented academic success for such young school children, that have obtained an excellent international projection from their primary education, an ambitious objective that is achieved by very few schools in Spain:  to efficiently and measurably teach four languages within the school timetable.

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Educational spaces that marks a difference

The Spanish educational system divides this stage into three differentiated cycles: lower, middle and upper primary.  The teaching activities are carried out in each of the three primary centers that the school avails of for this purpose: Columbus, Dickens and Newton.  With this system of independent centers specialized by stages, we achieve high academic performance from both teachers and pupils.

Our education centers are each unique and ideal places for practicing various sports.  As our centers are segmented according to age, the students can participate each day in their respective sporting activities with students of their same age, promoting correct socialization and without the interferences that could arise between young, middle and older students.


Tigers Basketball Club

The Tigers have been together as a Basketball Club for several years and have participated in different male and female categories in school competitions for Pre-Mini Basket and as federate teams in competitions organized by the Gran Canaria Basketball Federation.

At all of the education centers of the school there are sports pitches for playing basketball, which is one of the preferred sports of our students. The Basketball Club avails of all materials necessary to develop the activity comfortably and with ample space, but the most important thing is the enthusiasm of the boys and girls, the availability of a team of qualified monitors, the majority of which have degrees or diplomas in Physical Education, and the unconditional and constant support of the parents and school management.

Sports clubs

For other sports that are beyond the school environment due to their special characteristics and dimensions such as: swimming, sailing, surfing, tennis and golf, among others, the students of Colegio Hispano Inglés are welcome to practice at the sports clubs mentioned below, which are all located near our education centers:

Escuela de Natación Escuela de Vela Escuela de Golf Escuela de Surf Escuela de Tenis
01-vela  04-golf logo 03-tenis
CNM Metropol  Fed. Insular de Vela Las Palmeras Golf Ocean Side Real Club de Tenis