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Going to the best universities

This is the time that the student must decide what their university destination will be, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. If the student’s objective is a Spanish university, they will find a great team of professional teachers and specialists that will prepare them and support them in their objective of achieving the best university access grades (see our track record of academic results) so that they can be admitted without any issues to the most prestigious universities and careers.

If the student’s objective is to study their career at a university in the United Kingdom, our double curriculum guarantees them two means of access, which is a differentiating value from other foreign candidates that have only studied the English curriculum. At the school we guide the student through all of the procedures for selecting their career and university.

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If the student’s objective is a university in the United States, Germany, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, the official certificates of the British curriculum are generally admitted in the majority of universities in these countries. This is the case of more than 450 universities in the USA, including all Ivy League and Ivy Plus universities: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, etc.

Trip to United Kingdom. Students of 1st Bachillerato

Each year the students of 1st year final cycle travel to the United Kingdom with the objective of attending IGCSE study days for Geography, consisting in the study of rivers, measuring the water flow, urban studies, etc. These activities are carried out in the north of Inglaterra, where students have the opportunity to live with British students from other schools in the United Kingdom that go to this place with the same academic objective.  Apart from study, students also have time for leisure activities, for dam construction, rope circuits, river trips, rock climbing, tree abseiling, kayaking… all in the company of specialized monitors.

Trip to Beijing – China. Students of 2nd Bachillerato

For their end of year trip, the students of 2nd year final cycle are invited by the Government of the Republic of China to participate in an international campsite that is held every July in the city of Beijing.  More than 1,000 students are in attendance, of the same age and with different nationalities: Chineses, Americans, Australians, Germans, French, Japanese, Russians, Indians, Argentineans, Canadians, Swedes, Koreans… And many more… The students have the opportunity to practice their languages, particularly Mandarin Chinese, as well as to make new friendships and future networking.