The Colegio Hispano Inglés de Las Palmas is a private, secular school for boys and girls, which prepares its students by giving them a practical and international focus with respect to mastering languages and technology, and year after year, manages to position its students beyond their own challenges and academic expectations.

From nursery to primary (0-12 years) our school buildings are situated in the central district of Ciudad Jardín, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and our secondary and high school campus are located in Tafira, just a 10-minute drive from Ciudad Jardín.


English and Spanish are the vehicular languages of the dual curricular educational program, which allows our students to obtain the double official title in both the British and Spanish systems.

The English curriculum takes up half of the school timetable and is developed following the official contents of the English National Curriculum for England and Wales. The students develop all the stages of the English curriculum, to finally obtain the IGCSE & A Level qualifications necessary for access to universities in the United Kingdom and USA. In addition, they also obtain the CAE and /or CPE certifications that certify the maximum competences in English.

The Spanish curriculum takes up the other half of the school timetable, offering a solid formation in Spanish language, endorsed by an exceptional record of outstanding results in university entrance examinations. With a high achievement Spanish secondary school system, we prepare the students to pass the EBAU university entrance exam with the highest possible marks and to reach the high cut-off grades that are established for certain university degrees and choose careers of interest with improved professional expectations.



From early stages onwards, within school hours, students start to learn German and Mandarin Chinese. When they finish their secondary education, all the students leave the school mastering four languages, Spanish, English, German and Mandarin Chinese. Throughout their education, the students learn these four languages in a simple, gradual and systematic way. This constitutes a fact of enormous importance for the academic and professional future of our pupils, with few schools in Spain achieving this ambitious objective: to teach four languages with tried and tested effectiveness within school hours.