One school,
a unique program

CHI, Colegio Hispano Inglés de Las Palmas, is a private, secular, co-educational school that prepares its students with an international and practical approach to language and technology skills.

With its own educational project, it integrates two official certifications, British and Spanish, along with the 4 languages with greatest perspectives for the future within the daily school schedule.

So that when you have to fly, you are prepared!

Start school at 8 months

Learning languages at an early age is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn effortlessly and with guaranteed results.

Dual curriculum,
twice as many opportunities

Two systems that will give you twice as many opportunities. It will be like studying in the United Kingdom and Spain simultaneously, your child will obtain a double certification from both educational systems.

Two degrees, British and Spanish

Official qualifications that will give you the security and confidence to move in an increasingly global and interconnected world

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Why a double curriculum?

Double attention

Each student has two tutors, Spanish and British. Both work hand in hand to coordinate effective learning in both systems.

Native English

Following the British education system as a student in the UK would ensure students the ability to express themselves in English equivalent to a native speaker.

Best Universities

With the guarantee of both certifications, Spanish EBAU baccalaureate, and the British IGCSE and A Level qualifications, students will be able to gain access to the best universities in the world.

Four languages,
all certified

Spanish, English, German and Mandarin Chinese will open doors to a globalized world. You will have access to the country, university or company that you wish.

Few schools in Spain actually achieve this ambitious goal: to teach all students four languages with proven and certified effectiveness, within the school timetable.

The advantages of speaking 4 languages

Find out to what extent this benefits the personal and professional future of our students.

More than 120 teachers so that you learn as if you were abroad

Thanks to more than 120 teachers from Spain, The British Isles, Germany, China and other countries, all of our students can certify their high level of comprehension and oral and written expression in the 4 languages with greatest perspectives for the future:

Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese as they are the most widely spoken languages in the world and German because of its importance as the driving force behind the European Union.

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CHI Alumni Awards

Heading to the best universities

All our students choose the university career they want.
Their grades comfortably exceed the most demanding cut-off grades.
Some awards highlighted by the media:

Spanish Curriculum

Top in Spain in university entrance exams 2021
Martina López Hernández
Top in Spain in university entrance exams 2017
Elena Fuente González
Top in Spain in university entrance exams 2016
Carlota García Barcala
Top in Spain in university entrance exams 2012
Pedro Pablo Llarena
Top in Spain in university entrance exams 2010
Adrián de Pablo Sánchez

English Curriculum

Top in Spain in International Mathematics Cambridge 2019
Maialen Martín Abad
Representative for Spain in Beijing 2018 and Hanban Confucius scholarship
Begoña Santomé Ferragut
Top in Spain in International Mathematics Cambridge 2018
Claudia García Mendoza
Top in the World in English Cambridge 2014
Raquel Alemán Cruz
Top in Spain in English Cambridge 2013
Pablo González Guillén

News from the main media

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CHI Family Houses

Specialized centres by age

Each child’s age is different and has its own needs. That is why we have specialized centres for each stage of their development.

Baby, Nursery & Infant

Ciudad Jardín – From 0 to 6 years

Lower, Middle & Upper Primary

Ciudad Jardín – From 6 to 12 years

Secondary & Bachillerato

Tafira Alta – From 12 to 18 years

CHI Life & Experience

Discover the daily life of our students and how they experience the CHI adventure through all stages,
from their first steps to graduation day.

Parents’ School

Together family and school

Escuela de Padres by CHI Family is the place where together we discover everything about the education of our children.

escuela de padres

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic issues

The schedule is continuous from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm. However, all of the school’s centers open from 7:30 a.m. to attend to those families who, due to their work and professional obligations, require this schedule.

The children of the Baby & Nursery stages have flexibility in their arrival and departure times, although it is convenient that they arrive no later than 9:30 am.

Once the school day is over in the Infant, Primary and Secondary stages, the day can be extended until 6:00 p.m. with extra-curricular activities to support homework, modern dances, and sports activities such as basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Yes, since the school has a continuous schedule, there is a dining room service in all the centers. The menus are designed and supervised by a team of nutritionists from the Aleris center. One of its members is Aitor Sanchez, a recognized Dietitian-Nutritionist who is responsible for our Nutrition Department.

He frequently visits our classrooms to hold nutrition workshops. All with the purpose of achieving healthy habits that guarantee growth in all aspects of the students’ lives.

Since all the school centres are well located in the city, most families do not use school transport, with the consequent saving of this expense.

Furthermore, in all the centres of Ciudad Jardín we have the service of “Besa & Baja” provided by the mobility area of the city council so that parents can park comfortably and safely when dropping off and collecting their children.

However, for those families who require it, there is a school transport service with the companies Gran Canaria Bus and La Palmita Buses, which cover all the districts of the city, municipalities in the north of the island and towns in the southeast such as Vecindario, Agüimes, Ingenio and Telde.

Basketball, volleyball and soccer are the undisputed stars of the playground. Since our centres are specialized by age and educational level, students can participate every day in their respective sports courts for their own use, without interference between students of different age groups.

The school’s basketball sports club, the “Tigers Hispano Inglés”, regularly participates with 8 teams in the competitions organized by the Canary Basketball Federation. This is an added value that promotes the culture of effort, communication and teamwork.

The club has all the necessary material to develop the activity with comfort and amplitude, it has a team of top level qualified coaches and a long history participating in male and female categories of school and federated competitions, as well as in different tournaments inside and outside the island.

Educational content

The average mark obtained by our students in the last 10 calls of the exams formerly known as Selectivity, then PAU and now EBAU, for university access is 8.74 out of 10. This exceptional average mark has not been surpassed by any other private, public or subsidized school in the province of Las Palmas.

These circumstances allow students to be able to choose the careers of their interest and with better professional opportunities. These academic results can be consulted in the EBAU data page of the ULPGC.

All our students successfully pass the IGCSE exams of the British system with grades between A*-C in the subjects of International Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Spanish, German, History, Geography, Economics, Enterprise and Computer Sciences.

The British secondary exams are taken at the school, under the supervision of the inspectors of Cambridge International Education and are sent to the United Kingdom to be qualified by the examining board of the university of the same name.

The school’s unique program integrates the double curriculum, which allows students to obtain the double qualification of both the Spanish and British educational systems simultaneously.

Studying the British system as any other student in the UK does, is the best guarantee for developing the ability to express oneself in English equivalent to a native speaker in addition to having direct access to British universities, from any country in the European Union or the United States.

By simultaneously studying the Spanish educational system and successfully passing the EBAU university entrance exams and baccalaureate, we ensure access to Spanish degrees with high marks, such as those related to health sciences, medicine, physics, mathematics, engineering and other double-degree careers.

Every year our high school students have the opportunity to travel to the UK with some of our teachers for work experience in different companies in the commerce, industry, health, education, transport agencies and hospitality sectors.

During their internship they stay in the home of different local families with whom they share the culture and traditions. This early experience helps them to gain independence and self-confidence. The best way to discover their passions.

Economic nature

Instead of paying for the different services separately, the school has established a single all-inclusive fee, which includes all educational services, food, study insurance, and other extras, which ranges from 664 euros the highest to 384 euros the lowest, depending on the number of siblings attending the school.

The single all-inclusive rate includes all the educational services of the school, dual-curriculum studies in Spanish and English, German and Mandarin Chinese daily during school hours with early pick-up from 7:30 am.

It also includes all the food and drinks services, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, fruit, milk and mineral water that the students require, medical insurance for accidents and civil responsibility, and the psycho-pedagogical orientation service given by our team of psychologists and speech therapists.

In addition, a study insurance that guarantees our students the possibility of continuing their studies in the school until high school, in the case of death of their father and/or mother due to illness or accident.

There is a single payment per family as a first registration fee that covers all siblings who enroll in the school. The fee is 1,500 euros non-refundable.

The first step for parents interested in enrolling their children is to fill out and send us this online form. Once we have received it, we will contact you to arrange a time and date, and we will be happy to inform you of the advantages of our educational project and to answer any questions you may have.

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